Ammann AS115

Product number : AS115

Manufacturer : Ammann Lasertechnik

Ammann AS115

The step into laser leveling cannot be simpler. The AS115 laser performs a big variety of applications. The self-levelling guarantees a simple set up and high degree of precision. The fully electronic controlled laser enables a building site layout and easy to use as it is with all Ammann instruments.

Ideal for:
  • Concrete forming, pad placement and framework
  • Setting foundations and footings
  • Precise depth control for sub-base and fine grade excavation
  • Finish grade and sub-grade
  • Machine control
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Technical details

   Specifications AS115  
Laser    Diode laser 635 nm (visible red laser light) Class 2. Output power: 1 mW
Self-leveling range
   ±6% both horizontally and vertically
Working range    10-20 m (visible); up to 300 m (with detector)
Accuracy    ±5 mm / 100 m (at 20°C)
Battery Capacity    Approx. 12 hours (one charge)
Charging time    14 hours (quick charging time 8 hours)
100% waterproof and dustproof
Dimensions 175 mm x 126 mm (height x diameter)
Weight 2.9 kg incl. NiCad Accu Batteries
Operating temperature -20°C / +50°C
Housing Aluminum

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