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AMA AC1 Pipe Laser

Product number : AMA AC1 Laser de canalisations

Manufacturer : Ammann Lasertechnik

A pipe laser for tough use.

The AC1 is developed for the toughest of laser applications-pipe laying. It has a shock poof and water tight metal housing.
It features a fully built-in battery with a very long operating life from each charge. The large control panel and the long range, visible laser beam makes the AC1 easy to use. Unique automatic functions enable very fast and accurate setup.

Ideal for:

  • Storm and sanitary sewer construction
  • Gravity flow pipe lines
  • Anywhere line and grade is required
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Technical details

   Specifications AC1  
Laser source    Laser diode
Wavelength    635 nm
Laser safety class      Class 3R
Range    200 m
Beam diameter @ 100 m    15 mm
Accuracy      +/- 5mm at 100 m
Slide alignment range 20 m at 100 m
Levelling range in beam direction +/- 10°
Grade range -10% to +40%
Grade increment 0.002% per step
Cross axis tilt range +/- 3°
Automatic tilt compensation Compensated to full grade accuracy within cross axis tilt range
Vertical beam travel Optional, alignment error <60 mm at 100 m over 10% grade tarvel within cross axis tilt range
Operating temperature -20°C to +50°C
Sealing Waterproof sealed, purged with nitrogen
Power source Built-in NiCd. Life more than 7 years normal conditions
Battery life, full charge 80 h
Charging time 7 h
Stand by function From remote control, increases battery life per charge
Length 295 mm
147 mm
Weight 4.5kg
Remote control Waterproof, metal housing
Functions, remote control
  • Side alignment
  • Display backlight
  • Stand by on/off
  • Grade setting, protected
Range, remote control 100 m normal conditions, 40 m in bad conditions
Power source remote control Batteries 2 x 3.6V Lithium R6.
Normal use gives >1 year life

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