ID 2100

Product number : ID 2100

Manufacturer : Magnawand
The ID2100 operates on a single 9 Volt battery. It has a low battery alert system that warns the operator when it's time to change.  At 34" in overall length and a weight of 2 Lbs. the Magnawand is not too big...not too small...Its just the right size to be used comfortably standing up or in a tight space like a dug trench.

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Technical details

- Volume increases automatically when an object is detected
- Detector is waterproof up to the handle (30")
- Operating temperature range -15°to 140°F
- Uses One 9 Volt Battery (50 Hrs intermittent use)
- Automatic Low Battery indicator
- Circuit board is Surface Mount moisture protected with conformal coating.
- Weight 2 Lbs.
- Length- 34" Overall
- 3 Year Warranty

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